O'Dell Oil Company

O'Dell Oil Company is the premier distributor of fuel products throughout upstate South Carolina and portions of northeast Georgia. With over 33 years in the petroleum industry, the team at O'Dell Oil is dedicated to providing you quality products to address your fuel needs with friendly and reliable service.


Our office is located at 121 Sherard Road in Belton, South Carolina which is conveniently located within walking distance to all the fuel terminals in Belton. Our proximity allows us to get in and out of these terminals faster than anyone else.


Our modernized fueling rack features bulk fuel storage to ensure we always have product when you need it. The fueling rack also features a card lock system that allows our commercial and farm customers to purchase diesel products and dispense into their mobile tanks. We recently added diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to our bulk storage and is dispensed through a DEF nozzle in our fueling rack.